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Victory Baptist Church
Burnsville, NC

Victory Baptist Church came to QCS with a vision to install a complete audio visual system. In the beginning of the project a system was designed to install audio, projection, and camera systems. The audio system consists of an Allen & Heath 32 channel mixer with DBX processors and 3000 series Audio-Technica wireless mics. The Community house and monitor speakers are powered by QCS amps. A Yorkville amp powers 8 JBL control 26’s that are located throughout the restrooms, foyer, and breeze way. The projection system consists of a Eiki 4500 lumens projector and a 11.5’ Dalite electric screen recessed in the ceiling. Kramer switchers, transmitters, and receivers were installed to make all the magic happen between the stage and sound room. Last but not least the the video system is made up of all Vaddio Products. A total of 4 cameras were mounted across the facility to record the services. A 6 channel Vaddio Production View FX camera mixer was installed in the sound room along with a preview monitor and recorder. After completion of the system QCS provided training sessions to make sure that that the end user had no problems running the system.


Three Rivers Storage
Murfreesboro, TN


Three Rivers Storage is one of those sites that spared no expense to make their customers feel as secure as possible. The first time that you pull into the parking lot you can see that they mean business just by the gate alone. The main entrance and exit gate is a Sunpower vertical lift gate with a Miller Edge, photo beams, and loop detectors utilized to protect customers from getting hit by the gate. The entire site is secured by Digi-Tech, Int. with keypads located throughout the facility on the gate, climate control building, and even the restrooms. Intercoms are located on every keypad and throughout the climate control building. The entire site is covered by a CCTV system with Nuvico cameras and a 32 channel Dedicated Micros DVR. Another feature that was added was the Digi-Tech site graphics. This is part of the access control system that interfaces with Sitelink that allows the site manager to know when a tenant is coming in the gate, on site, or even delinquent. As always QCS trained the personnel so that they could get the best out of their system.


Northshore Pellippissi Storage
Knoxville, TN

Northshore Pellissippi Storage was the 2010 facility of the year construction award winner which is very evident as soon as you walk through the door. QCS installed the access control, intercom and CCTV systems for this 91,250 square foot facility. The access control system consists of numerous Digi-Tech keypads on several entrance doors and each elevator. A Bioscript V-station fingerprint reader was installed for a high security self-storage division of the facility.  Intercoms were installed on each level for tenants to call the office in case of an emergency. The CCTV system has a total of 9 preview monitors located throughout the building. Six of the monitors are 42’’ located in the office just behind the front desk.  An option that makes this site stand out from the rest is the Digi-Graphics. Digi-graphics makes the site manager aware of when tenants are on site and which units are delinquent. When the project was completed QCS set down with the site managers and showed them everything they needed to know to make the system run to its highest capability.



























































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